Security and Control

Here you will find documents released by and relating to the Alameda County Sheriffs Organization. Not looking for security and control information? Return to the homepage

  • Security Site Clearance Form
    Blank form to request security clearance for job contracts
  • Video Communications and Interviews
    Provides for confidential telecommunications between officers of the court and inmates housed in Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Detention and Corrections facilities, in lieu of transporting the inmate to court.
  • Visiting-Search Team Order
    Describes duties of staff who conduct visits and searches of visitors
  • Lobby Staff Protocol
    Describes duties for lobby staff at Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility (GEDDF) and CP-11 at Santa Rita Jail (SRJ)
  • Telephone Monitoring
    Policy and procedure for controlling and using the Global Tel*Link LazerPhone telephone monitoring and recording system.
  • Incident Investigations Policy
    Policy for the investigation of involvement of Agency Personnel in incidents where death or great bodily injury occurs
  • Use of Force General Order
    Guidelines on the authorized use of force by officers
  • Use of Force Matrix
    Graphic showing officer options for responding to subject actions at various levels of seriousness
  • Resistant Inmate Management
    Policy and procedure for managing resistant, uncooperative inmates while maintaining the orderly and efficient operation of the facility
  • Disturbances, Riots, Hunger Strikes Policy
    Plans and procedures for controlling disturbances, riots, attacks on staff or inmates, and hunger strikes