Attorney at Law

I offer respectful, collaborative, and dignified client-centered representation in civil and criminal matters including:

  • Entity Formation: LLC, Partnership, Cooperative, Corporation, etc.
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Privacy Act, and Public Records Act requests and lawsuits.
  • Criminal Matters: Post-conviction and re-sentencing matters, early termination of supervised release (probation & parole), etc..
  • Civil Matters: Prisoners Rights, Writs of Mandate, Civil Rights claims, etc.
  • Habeas corpus petitions.
  • Advocacy for incarcerated people.
  • National security matters, including watchlist and travel incident investigation and complaints.
  • Technology, security, and privacy advice.

Legal Consultant

  • Research and Investigation: discovery, records request, document review, depositions, filing etc.
  • Reform & advocacy: law & policy change, research, report-writing, organizing, testifying etc.
  • Client Interviews: jail-based, prison-based, community-based, or office-based interviews.
  • Education: create & deliver curriculum.
  • Facilitation: restorative justice, meetings, workshops, conferences etc.

About Me

Caitlin approaches clients with a passionate commitment to social justice & over thirteen years of experience working with incarcerated people, their loved ones, & the communities impacted by incarceration.