Detention & Corrections Division: Table of Contents

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Policy NumberPolicy Title
10.04Intake, Transfer, Release, Booking and
10.05Housing Unit Deputy Post Order
10.06Security Movement Deputy Post Order
10.07Visiting/Search Team Post Order
10.08Medical Unit Security Deputy Post Order
10.09Food Service/Messhall Security Deputy
10.10Rover Deputy Service Building Rover Deputy
10.11Intake Transfer, Release, Booking and Records
10.12Housing Control Post Order
10.13Central Control/Control Point 1 Post Order
10.14Reception Lobby Staff (CP-11/Lobby) Post Order
10.15Control Point 7 Post Order
10.16Control Point 48 Post Order
10.17Entry Gate (CP-52) Post Order
10.18Minimum and Medium Yard Deputy Post Order
10.19Laundry Security Deputy Post Order
10.20Teaching and Loving Kids (T.A.L.K.) Program
10.21Parking Citations
10.22Special Projects Deputy Post Order
10.24Detail Office Deputy Post Order
10.25Fire/Life Safety Officer Post Order
10.26Medical unit OB-GYN Security and Female
10.27Sandy Turner Educational Center Deputy
10.28John George Psychiatric Pavilion Security Deputy
10.29Santa Rita Jail Ready Room Post Order
11.01Introduction to Intake, Transfer, Release and Records
11.05Compliance with Section 40304.5 of the California Vehicle Code
11.06Self Surrenders
11.07Bail Surrender
11.08Courtesy Housing
11.09Inmate Release Process
11.10Citation Release
11.11Citation Release Form Procedures
11.12P.C. 849(b) Release Procedure
11.13Accelerated Release – Section 4024.1 of the Penal Code
11.14Removal for Medical/Mental Treatment Per P.C. 4011.5 and 4011.6
11.15Penal Code 4011.7 and 4011.9 Releases
11.16Inmate Property – Handling and Storage
11.17Unclaimed Inmate Property Purging
11.18Bail/Fine – Paid in Full
11.20Release of Inmate and/or CORI Information
11.21Release and Handling of State and Local Rap Sheet Information
11.22Disposition of Court Proceedings and Telephone Court Orders
11.23Court Identification and Release Orders
11.24Processing of State Parole Violators
11.26Federal Holds – United States Marshal Prisoners
11.27Section 1026 of the Penal Code Commitments
11.28Civil Commitment
11.29Service of Civil Process on Inmates
11.30Sentence Computation
11.31Processing PC 1381 Requests
11.33Record Sealing
11.34In-Custody Warrant Service
11.35Court Calendar Conflicts
11.36Removal Orders
11.37Technical Escape
11.38Obtaining Evidence From Inmate’s Person or Property
11.39Applicant Fingerprints
11.40Scope of Intake, Classification and Medical Screening Procedures
11.41Issuing Blankets in Intake, Transfer and Release
11.42Transportation Vehicle Loading and Off-Loading
11.43Timely Booking
11.44Commission of Public Offense While in Custody
11.45Inmate Disposition Identifiers (Facility and
11.46Inter-Facility Transfer of Inmate Case File and
11.47Inmate Interviews and Dispositions in Civil Matters
11.48Inmate Jewelry
11.49Artificial Hairpieces
11.50Bureau of Prisons Inmates (Federal)
11.51Video Interviews – Two Way Audio-Visual
11.52Subpoena DUCES TECUM
11.53Blood Withdrawal Program
11.54Federal Medical Intakes
11.55Digital Booking Camera Operation
11.56Penal Code Section 1275
11.57Confidentiality of Inmate Information by Consultants, Contract Personnel and Volunteers
11.58Inmate Access to Case Record Information
11.59Press Access to the 24-Hour Activity Log
11.60Retrieval of Fluid Samples and Prints under the authority of 290 and 296 P.C.
11.61Fast ID / Web ID System
11.62City Jail Transfers
11.631610 PC & 2964 PC Commitments from CONREP
11.64Release to Another Agency
11.65Priority Booking for Arresting Agencies
11.66Mass Arrest Booking Procedure
12.03Classification PREA Requirements
12.04Santa Rita Jail – Housing Unit Classification
12.05Classification Records
12.07Emergency Release/Removal
13.01Medical and Mental Health Care
13.03Sick, Dental and Pill Call
13.04OB-GYN Clinic and Pregnant or Postpartum Inmates
13.05Infectious Disease Notification Requirements
13.06Suicide Prevention
13.07Sexual Assaults in Custody
13.08Transportation of Inmates to Scheduled Mental and/or Medical Appointments
13.09Hospital Runs/Delivery of Discharge Orders to Medical Staff
13.10Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
13.11Inmate, Staff and Public Medical Emergencies
13.12Mental Health Referral Form
13.13Injuries to S.W.A.P. (Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program) Participants
13.14Fasting Inmates
13.15Orthopedic or Prosthetic Devices and Other Medically Approved Items
13.16A.I.D.S. Testing of Inmates
13.18Private Medical Treatment for Inmates
13.19Court Ordered Inmate Blood Samples
13.22Medical Quality Assurance Process for the Detention and Corrections Inmate Health Care System
13.23CPAP Machines /Batteries
13.24PREA Mandated Medical and Mental Health Services
14.01Food Service Program
14.02Inmate Meal Service
14.03Inmate Special Diets
14.04Alternative Meal Service for Disciplinary Actions
15.01Sanitation Schedule
15.02Safety and Sanitation Inspections
15.03Inmate Hygiene
15.04Linen/Clothing Issue and Exchange
15.05Contaminated Clothing, Bedding and Linen Procedure
15.06Cleaning and Storage of Inmate Personal Clothing
15.07Trash Procedure and Schedule
15.08Housing Unit Cleaning Chemical Procedures
15.09Janitorial Duties For Weekender Work Program and Work-In-Lieu Participants
16.01Disciplinary Procedure
16.02Inmate Rules and Regulations
16.03Inmate Grievance Procedure
16.04Inmate Writs
16.05Protection From Harm
17.01Inmate Correspondence and Mail Regulations
01.01Job Description & Policy of Facility Commanding Officer
17.03Inmate Visiting
01.02Organization and Staffing Charts
17.04Inmate Telephone Access
01.03Agency and D&C Mission Statements and Statutory Responsibilities
17.06Inmate Newspaper Subscriptions
01.06Index of Topics
17.07AT&T Language Line, A.C.S.O. Point Book
01.07P & P Manual Development, Review and Dissemination
18.01Introduction to Inmate Services
01.08Guidelines for Facility Meetings and Two-Way Administrative Communication
18.02Inmate Operational Programs
01.09Resources for Public Information
18.03Inmate Orientation
01.12Unit Specific Form Policy
18.05Volunteer Services and Programs
01.13Minimum Jail Standards Compliance
18.06Commissary Procedure
01.14Americans with Disabilities Act
18.07Religious Programming
01.15Roles and Functions of Community Agencies and Private Contractors
18.08Library Services
01.16Facility Space and Equipment Review
18.09Educational Program Planning
01.17Research Activities
18.10Vocational Training Programs
01.19Institutional Insurance
18.11Social Service Programs
02.01Introduction to Accounting
18.12Recreation and Inmate Activity Program and 2A-66, 5A-01, 5C-01,
02.02Inmate Fund Accounts
18.13Inmate Entertainment Systems
02.03Control of Cash Receipt/Vouchers
18.15Retention/Destruction of Records
02.04Cash Drawers
18.16Services for Released Inmates
02.06Commissary Accounts
18.17Teaching and Loving Kids (T.A.L.K.) Program
02.07Inmate Welfare Fund
18.18Notary Public Services
02.08Inmate Transfer Money Process
18.19Pro-Per Inmates
02.09Booking/ITR Intake Money Handling
18.21Legal Assistance Program
02.10Transportation Money Bag Errors
18.22Inmate Marriages
02.11Court Orders for Releasing Inmate Funds to
18.23Inmate Tape Players and MP3 Players
02.13Recycling of Computer Printer Cartridges and
18.24Emergency Evacuation Plan
02.14Gasoline Card (Blue) – County Issued
18.25Inmate Welfare Credit Card
02.15Cash Shortage Procedure
18.26Santa Rita Jail Youth Educational Program
02.16Counterfeit Money Detector Pen
19.01Introduction to the Sheriff’s Work Alternative
02.17Inmate Restitution for Damaged or Destroyed
19.02Introduction to the Sheriff’s Work Alternative
02.18Warehouse, Inventory Control and Supply
19.03Applicant Referral
02.19Requisition and Purchase of Supplies and
19.04Application Procedure
02.20Receiving and Depositing Revenue Checks
19.05Supervision of Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program
03.01Duty Hours
19.06Program Termination
03.02Meal Policy
19.07Job Site Contracts
03.03Staff Parking
19.08Injuries to S.W.A.P. (Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program) Participants
03.04Employee Lockers
19.09Out-of-County Transfers
03.05Seniority, Shift Bid, Vacation Scheduling, and Transfer Request
20.01Standards of Conduct
03.06Death or Serious Injury of an Employee
20.02Training Requirements
03.07Employee Grievance
20.03Work Schedules
03.08On-Duty Contact by Union Representatives
20.04Employee Job Responsibilities and Assignments
03.10Daily Attendance Report
20.05Employee Leave
03.11Personnel Evaluation Reports
20.06Video Display Terminal Operator Orientation
03.12Personnel Records
20.07Vehicle Inspections
03.13Payroll Distribution
20.08Vehicle Breakdowns/Accidents
03.14Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Form and Review
20.09Vehicle Cleaning and Maintenance
03.15Infectious Disease Control
20.10Restraining Devices/Barriers
03.16Occupational Injury/Illness or Long Term Illness
20.12Use of Cellular Telephones
03.17Sick Leave
20.14On-Loading and Off-Loading Procedures
03.18Departmental Guidelines Regarding Time Off
20.15Disabled Prisoners
03.19Subpoenas Directed to Detention and Corrections Personnel
20.17Prisoner Property
03.20Code of Ethics
20.18Prisoner Medical Emergency
03.21Personnel Selection, Promotion, Retention and Staffing
20.20Medical/Psychiatric Referrals
03.22Political Practices
20.21Removal Orders
03.23Tobacco/Smoking Policy
03.24Transferring To/From Detention and Corrections
20.23Commercial Airline Travel
03.25Exit Interviews, Non-Sheriffs’ Office Personnel
20.24Transporting Juveniles
03.26Drug Free Workplace
20.25Daily Log
03.27Position Control
20.26Reimbursement of Expenses
03.30Mandatory and Voluntary Overtime
20.27Ambuvan Procedures
04.01Facility Training Plans
20.28Fuel Credit Cards
04.02Facility Personnel Training
20.29Mutual Aid Call-Outs
04.03Career/Educational Incentive
20.30Storage, Assignment and Inventory of Shotguns
04.05Volunteer Orientation and Training Program
01.02 Attachment AD&C Management Organizational Chart
05.01Vehicle Control, Maintenance and Cleaning
01.02 Attachment BSRJ Management Organizational Chart
05.02Assigned County Vehicles
01.02 Attachment CGEDDF Management Organizational Chart
05.03Use of Transportation Section Vehicles by Detention and Corrections Personnel
01.07 AttachmentD&C Policy and Procedure Tracking Form
05.04Facility Mail Procedure
01.09 Attachment AInmate Declaration to News Media Contact Form
05.05Telephone, All-Call Paging and 800 MHz Radio System
01.14 Attachment 1Inmate Disability Evaluation Form
05.06Report Processing
01.14 Attachment 10Petition for Return of Prosthesis
05.07Unusual Occurrence – Reporting and Notification
01.14 Attachment 11Video Tablet Check-Out Log
05.08Computer Hardware/Software Problems
01.14 Attachment 2Disability Tracking Form
05.09Radio Accountability
01.14 Attachment 3Disability Request for Accommodations
05.10County Issued Personal Communication Devices
01.14 Attachment 4ADA Coordinator Review Form
06.01Repair and Minor Construction Report
01.14 Attachment 5ADA Coorindator/Inmate of Record of Contact
06.02Facility Plant Maintenance
01.14 Attachment 6Accommodations for Hearing Impaired
06.03Emergency Cell Water Shut-Off
01.14 Attachment 7Explanation of the Booking Process
06.04Emergency Services Delivery System
01.14 Attachment 8Addendum to Pre-Booking: Hearing Impaired Inmate Services
06.05Automated Guided Vehicle System
01.14 Attachment 9Text Telephone (TDD) Check-Out Log
07.01Fire Safety
13.10 Attachment 1Automated External Defibrillator Checklist
07.02Santa Rita Jail Fire Procedures Description and Location of Equipment
13.10 Attachment 2Automated External Defibrillator Use Notification
07.03Emergency Panic Alarms/Response
13.12 AttachmentMental Health Referral Form
07.06Disturbance/Riot and Hunger Strike
13.14 AttachmentFasting Inmate Log
07.08Civil Disturbances
13.18 Attachment ANotification of Responsibility for Alternative Medical Care Costs Document
07.09Bomb Threat and Explosions
15.01 AttachmentITR Holding Cell Cleaning Log
07.10Earthquake Procedure
16.01 Attachment ADisciplinary Procedure
07.11Hazardous Substance Program
16.01 Attachment BDisciplinary Procedure
07.12Power Failure
16.01 Attachment CDisciplinary Procedure
07.13Medical Unit Disaster Response
16.01 Attachment DDisciplinary Procedure
07.14Employee Guidelines for Management and Prevention of AIDS and Contagious Diseases
16.01 Attachment EDisciplinary Procedure
07.15Emergency Housing
16.03 AttachmentSupplemental Inmate Grievance Response Blank Form
07.20Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility Fire Procedures Description and Location of Equipment
17.02 Attachment ASRJ Interview Instructions
08.01Sheriff’s Office Badges and Identification Cards
17.02 Attachment BAttorney Observation Log
08.02Vendor/Supply Deliveries
17.02 Attachment CGDJ Interview Instructions
08.03Facility Tours
17.02 Attachment DACSO – SRJ – Attorney Appt Log
08.04Security Checks of Contract Employees, Volunteers and Tour Groups
17.02 Attachment EACSO Security Site Clearance
18.21 AttachmentScope of Services Attachment
08.07ATIMS Custody Cards
02.04 Attachment 1Accounting Unit Control Log
08.08Inmate Counts
08.13 Attachment AModesty Garment and Security Blanket Log
08.09Transportation/Movement and Use of Restraints
08.24 AttachmentCleaning Tool Inventory Worksheet
08.10Santa Rita Jail – Inmate Movement
08.24 Attachment ACleaning Tool Notice
08.11Emergency Medical Inmate Transportation
08.13Use of Special Cells, Multi-Use Rooms and Modesty Garments
08.15Investigation of Crimes
08.18Inmate Death
08.19Facility Searches
08.20Contraband Control
08.21Evidence Processing
08.22Control of Tools, Culinary Equipment and Medical Equipment
08.23Santa Rita Jail – Control of Firearms, Weapons, Ammunition and Armory
08.24Santa Rita Jail – Cleaning Tool Inventory For Housing Floors/Units, Booking/ITR, and Kitchen Area
08.25Video Taping Equipment
08.26Use of Restraints to Prevent Self-Injury, Injury to Others, Property Damage etc.
08.27Electronic Immobilization Devices
08.29Positional Asphyxia
08.30Inmate Telephone Monitoring/Recording
08.31Selection of Housing Unit Inmate Workers
08.37Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility – Cleaning Inventory For Housing Floors/Units, Booking/ITR, and Kitchen Area
09.01Disciplinary Isolation
09.04Mentally Disordered Inmates
09.08Contract Agencies Inmates
09.09Special Inmate Management Plan
10.01General Security Post Orders and Master Event Schedule
10.02Lieutenant/Watch Commander Post Order
10.03Sergeant/Shift/Supervisor Post Order
11.03Inmate Searches – Strip, Visual, and Pat
08.12Inmate Observation and Direct Physical Observation