Inmate Observation and Direct Physical Observation

Policy for observation of inmates at random intervals. Outlines requirements for correctly maintaining Observation Logs in various settings, including in ITR processes, sobering cells, and special management classifications. Establishes privacy considerations when visiting housing units/pods of the opposite gender or when inmates are showering. States a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse and harassment.

Inmate Searches – Strip, Visual, and Pat

Detailed summary of procedures for searching inmates in general population, intake, the booking area, first housing placement, and return from any appointment. Also describes random searches (“shakedowns”). Forbids searches or examinations to determine a transgender and/or intersex inmate’s genitals and states that strip search will not be conducted as punishment.

Introduction to Accounting

Policy for collecting, safeguarding, and disbursing Inmate Trust Funds and all other facility funds. Procedure for accepting, disbursing, and accounting for inmate money; resolving discrepancies in cash drawers or money transfers. Procedure for handling Inmate Welfare Fund Trust, bail money, and fines.

Requisition and Purchase of Supplies and

Criteria for acquiring services, supplies, and capital equipment.

Occupational Injury/Illness or Long Term Illness

Procedure by which personnel report occupational injury and long-term illness. Requires that any illness lasting more than one week be reported, regardless of impact on work. Requires that logs of occupational injuries be given to Risk Management annually.

Volunteer Orientation and Training Program

Policy establishing guidelines for the orientation and training of volunteers under the direction of Inmate Services.

Fire Safety

Plan for fire prevention and control including inspections, training, drills, and equipment. Outlines procedure for responding to alarms and obtaining fire department assistance. Requires annual review by a qualified outside inspector, quarterly drills and equipment tests, monthly inspection by the Fire/Life Safety Deputy, and weekly inspection by a staff member.

Security Checks of Contract Employees, Volunteers and Tour Groups

Procedure for conducting background security checks on contract employees, volunteers, and tour groups. Requires the disclosure of past accusations of sexual harassment/abuse. Outlines the basis for denials, including sexual harassment, and a one-year period to reapply. Includes procedure for contractor access to facilities and required conduct inside.

Video Taping Equipment

Policy to videotape operational responses to any unusual occurrence, including movement of inmates to isolation and provision of medical care. Recordings will be retained for three years. Includes a list of available equipment and procedure for use.

Security Movement Deputy Post Order

Details responsibilities of Security Movement Deputy, including appropriate paperwork, safety checks, and inmate restraint protocol.