Inmate Observation and Direct Physical Observation

Policy for observation of inmates at random intervals. Outlines requirements for correctly maintaining Observation Logs in various settings, including in ITR processes, sobering cells, and special management classifications. Establishes privacy considerations when visiting housing units/pods of the opposite gender or when inmates are showering. States a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse and harassment.

Inmate Searches – Strip, Visual, and Pat

Detailed summary of procedures for searching inmates in general population, intake, the booking area, first housing placement, and return from any appointment. Also describes random searches (“shakedowns”). Forbids searches or examinations to determine a transgender and/or intersex inmate’s genitals and states that strip search will not be conducted as punishment.

Roles and Functions of Community Agencies and Private Contractors

Names some of the roles and functions of community agencies and private contractors that provide services to D&C, including library and religious services, psychological testing, substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, and vocational placement. Annual review required. Information retained includes contracts, monthly reports, quality assurance reports, and quarterly reports.

Cash Shortage Procedure

Procedure for properly processing cash shortages. Requires that involved employees immediately report the discrepancy such that an investigation can be completed before the end of their shift.

Personnel Records

Policy mandating current, accurate, and confidential personnel files, including permanent files and secondary/unit files. Establishes the availability of records to the employee, administrators, direct supervisors, and other personnel who need the information to perform their duties. Outlines the procedure for employees to challenge their records.

Mandatory and Voluntary Overtime

Procedure for filling overtime shifts. Prohibits staff from working more than 12 hours per day and one mandatory overtime shift per week. Requires eight hours off before returning to work. Allows mandatory overtime to be assigned with less than 48-hour notice in limited circumstances.

Facility Plant Maintenance

Requires Building Maintenance Division of the General Services Agency (BMD/GSA) to provide a preventive maintenance program for building systems and equipment to minimize out of service time due to failure and reduce costly breakdown repair. Outlines procedures for maintenance requests, routine maintenance, and inspections.

Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility Fire Procedures Description and Location of Equipment

Policy describes fire-fighting equipment — including fire hose racks, fire extinguishers, ansul fire protection systems, and breathing apparatuses — their location and required periodic inspections. Each inmate cell is equipped with a photoelectric fire detector that must be reset by staff.

Evidence Processing

Procedure for packaging and processing evidence, including alcohol, biohazards, blood, urine tests, sexual assault kits, cash, explosives, drugs, knives, and photographs. Evidence will be packaged, labeled, locked in the evidence room, and documented. Cash should be counted in the presence of another deputy.

Lieutenant/Watch Commander Post Order

Outlines the duties of the Lieutenant/Watch Commanders, who is directly responsible to the facility Commanding Officer.