Inmate Observation and Direct Physical Observation

Policy for observation of inmates at random intervals. Outlines requirements for correctly maintaining Observation Logs in various settings, including in ITR processes, sobering cells, and special management classifications. Establishes privacy considerations when visiting housing units/pods of the opposite gender or when inmates are showering. States a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse and harassment.

Inmate Searches – Strip, Visual, and Pat

Detailed summary of procedures for searching inmates in general population, intake, the booking area, first housing placement, and return from any appointment. Also describes random searches (“shakedowns”). Forbids searches or examinations to determine a transgender and/or intersex inmate’s genitals and states that strip search will not be conducted as punishment.

Job Description & Policy of Facility Commanding Officer

Job description & policy which defines the position, authority, qualifications, and assignment of the Facility Commanding Officer at Dyer and SRJ.

Organization and Staffing Charts

Policy which requires a written document that shows management position by classification and groups of functions or sub-units, delineates the lines of authority and responsibility.

Agency and D&C Mission Statements and Statutory Responsibilities

Requirements under California Penal Code 4000. ACSO and D&C must abide by written documents delineating their mission. Responsibilities include maintaining a humane environment for inmates, providing them with the essentials of human life; utilizing incarceration alternatives, least-restrictive housing; and encouraging continuity of family and community contact.

Index of Topics

Requires policy manual to contain a complete and up-to-date alphabetical index.

P & P Manual Development, Review and Dissemination

Procedures for development, review, and dissemination of D&C Policy and Procedure for SRJ and Dyer. States who is entitled to receive, review, and/or approve. Encourages active participation by employees, volunteers, related community agencies, and inmates in the development and revision of policy and procedure.

Guidelines for Facility Meetings and Two-Way Administrative Communication

Guidelines for facilitating two-way communication with monthly, formally documented facility meetings between the D&C Division Commander and ACSO, the D&C Division Commander and the Commanding Officers of each detention facility, and between facility Commanding Officers and their respective management staff.

Resources for Public Information

Requires Facility Commanding Officer to share information with and provide facility access to journalists, Criminal Justice specialists, and the public. Public right to information regarding crimes, arrests, investigations, and crime reports. Policies for victim privacy rights, video/photographing inmates. Policy and procedures for releasing information to the public.

Unit Specific Form Policy

Requires the creation and maintenance of a current list of all Unit Specific Forms in use by a respective unit.