Potential PAN Training Materials

Materials we could use to develop training
It should probably include
1. Mission and Goals
2. How the Program Works
3. The Referral Process Screening, Intake, and Case Preparation
4. Referral to Pro Bono Advocate/Attorney
5. Confirmation of Referral
6. Costs and Expenses
7. Malpractice Insurance
8. Fee Generating Cases
9. Training
10. Challenging Clients
11. Closing a Case
12. Advocacy Examples
13. Support Services
1. Initial Advocate/Attorney Contact Letter from PAN
2. Program Guidelines
a. Our internal rules/expectatios
b. Cal Bar Rules
Rule 1-300 Unauthorized Practice of Law
Rule 2-100 Communication with a represented party
Rule 2-400 Prohibited Discriminatory Conduct in a Law Practice.
Rule 3-100 Confidential Information of a Client
Rule 3-110 Failing to Act Competently
Rule 3-310 Avoiding the Representation of Adverse Interests (conflicts check requirement)
Rule 3-400 Limiting Liability to Client
Rule 3-410 Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance
Rule 3-500 Communication
3. Appointment Letter to Pro Bono Advocate/Attorney
4. Tracking Form
5. Representation Agreement
6. Client Responsibilities Letter
7. Termination letter
8. Post Advocacy Client Survey
9. Post Advocacy Advocate Survey
10. CDCR Acronyms Page
11. CDCR C-File Page
-Here are general packets for a pro bono attorney programs (not related to prisons) ,,
-Unauthorized Practice of Law
-Tips for communicating with Trans prisoners & people with psychiatric and cognitive disabilities & sexual assault victims

Intake Forms
For People On Inside/Loved Ones
For Advocates
(other sample intake forms

Agreement between PAN/NLG and advocate
-Expectation agreement to be signed by advocate (TBD)(outlines information about insurance, representations/guarantees, whether engagement/termination letter is required, etc.)
(examples CIVIC, CDCR, )
-Information PAN/NLG needs from advocate (current bar standing, paralegal standing, other information to know they’re reputable, letter of rec? referral?)

Sample forms
-General Confidentiality form between advocate and person inside (see CPF samples)
-Medical release to advocate from person inside (
-Confidentiality waiver to advocate from person inside (see ckh samples)
-Confidentiality waiver to attorney from person inside (see ckh samples)
-Client engagement letter from attorney to client (states whether carries insurance)(see cal bar samples)
-Client termination letter from attorney to client (see cal bar samples)

Sample materials
-Other intake forms
-Other interview forms (see CPF samples)

Sample advocacy materials (see Human Rights Pen Pal samples)
-Letters to warden
Visitation (see Emily Rose Johns letter re: PB visit denial for Delores’s son)
-Letter to counselor
-Letter to medical staff
-Letter to elected official
-Letter to ombudsman
-Letter to OIG

Materials we could use to develop training/orientation
-See CPF samples
-See Human Rights Pen Pal samples
-Unauthorized Practice of Law
-Tips for communicating with Trans prisoners